Outdoor Charging Stations

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Outdoor Charging Stations



Outdoor Charging Stations

The first outdoor power offering from Legrand focuses on supporting connectivity with a full family of mobile device charging stations that allows people to power up in the great outdoors. These elegantly designed pedestals include a combination of standard power outlets, USB outlets, and LED lights to illuminate pathways at night.



Charging & Illumination

Combine power with accent lighting in one pedestal to maximize functionality of outdoor spaces.

2- or 3-Gang Options

Customize the station with two or three gangs of devices to meet your facility's unique needs. Prewired versions include weather-resistant GFCI outlets and 4-port USB outlets. Also available unwired.

Outdoor-Rated Construction

Rugged aluminum form designed for durability in all weather conditions. UL listed to NEMA 3R requirements to ensure optimal performance.

Durable, Premium Finishes

Available in three outdoor-rated finishes to complement your space design. Choose from black, bronze, or silver, or select a custom color

A/V & Communication Compatible

Add an A/V-Communication Kit to 3-gang versions to accommodate Wiremold AVIP plates as well as decorator A/V or communication devices. Enables pedestal to support outdoor presentation areas and classrooms, eliminating the need to bring cables from inside a building.

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