Eclipse Series Wall Mount Enclosure

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Eclipse Series Wall Mount Enclosure


Hammond Manufacturing Company

Eclipse Series Wall Mount Enclosure

Modern styled wall mount enclosure. Flush cover with 1/4 turn latches removes need for screw down clamps. Flanged trough collar around door opening for extra protection. Available in over 100 sizes and two colors. Sizes range from 12x10x6 to 72x30x24.



Quarter turn latch on door (larger sizes w/handle)

Modern style with quick access

Flange trough collar around opening

Provides a channel for extra protection against flowing liguids

Easily removable hinge pins on doors

Provides quick removal/installation when modifications to enclosure needed.

Design provides larger door opening

Opening allows for larger inner panel to be used - extra 1.2" in both height and width from similar sized traditional panels

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