Time Delay Relays

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Time Delay Relays




    The largest selection of time delay relays known since 1968 for its reliable designs that provide long service lives with low maintenance costs. Versatile multifunction time delay relays give you the option of choosing among functions and time delay ranges to ensure that you receive the perfect timer to fit your needs. Electromechanical relay-output time delay relays are available with a number of different functions and assure isolation between input and output, as well as no voltage drop across output contact. Solid-state time delay relays hav e no moving parts to arc and wear out over time, giving them a lifespan of up to 100x that of a relay-output timer. In addition, all solid state time delay relays are fully encapsulated to protect against shock, vibration, humidity, etc.



    Broad selection of timers with delay-on-make, delay-on-break, single shot, interval, alternating, or a comination of these functions

    Provides the timing control required to meet customer specific applications

    Plug-in, DIN rail, surface mount, or open board options

    Mouting options for various applications

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