SPEED PUNCH (TM): Greenlee / A Textron Company

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SPEED PUNCH (TM): Greenlee / A Textron Company


Greenlee / A Textron Company


SPEED PUNCH™ - Now available with ½” to 4” conduit size knockouts and 5 kit configurations. SPEED PUNCH™ is the fastest knockout system on the market for making clean, accurate knockouts. Simply slide the punch onto the draw stud, secure the quick connect SPEED LOCK and you’re ready to start punching holes faster and easier than ever before. The patent pending “no-thread” punch design provides up to 3X faster setup and teardown compared to standard knockouts. Rugged draw stud grooves hold up on the job – no more damaged threads and costly downtime. Coming soon in Stainless, Oil Tight and Metric.



Punch up to 10 gauge (3.5mm) mild steel, aluminum, fiberglass or plastic.

Punch more holes in more materials.

"No-thread" punch design quickly and easily slided on and off the draw stud.

Provides the fastest punch system on the market today.

Matched die heights eliminate need for additional spacers.

Fewer extra parts to lose on the jobsite

Standard draw stud end.

Works with your existing hydraulic and battery-operated punch drivers.

SPEED LOCK mechanisim quickly secures the entire system in place.

Punch more holes in less time.

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