RDLED 2-in LED Downlight by RAB Lighting

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RDLED 2-in LED Downlight by RAB Lighting


RAB Lighting Inc.

RDLED 2-in LED Downlight

RAB Lighting's RDLED is a high performance 2-inch LED downlight with an unobtrusive design that's perfect for upscale residential and commercial spaces. This diminutive 8 Watt fixture replaces 50 Watt MR16 lamps for an 82% reduction in energy consumption.



RDLED 2-inch downlight features an aperture at just over one inch wide. The low profile design of the RDLED requires only 3 inches of space above the ceiling. IC rated without any additional hardware required allowing for installation in ceilings where hot-running fixtures are prohibited.RDLED is available in 20º spot flood, 30º flood, 40º wide flood and wall washer distributions. Plus, this fixture is offered in new construction, remodeler versions in round or square models with trimless or trim options along with white, black or matte silver color finishes. RDLED remodeler also includes a patent-pending ceiling collar for easy and secure installation. RDLED is compatible with Triac dimmers for additional light control.

RDLED 2-inch downlight delivers smooth and abundant light that produces over 600 lumens at 79 lm/W without hot spots or glare. This specification-grade luminaire is available in color temperatures of residential warm (2700K), warm (3000K) and warm neutral (3500K). Fixture-to-fixture color consistency is guaranteed to shift less than 200K over 5 years. RAB’s 5-year no compromise warranty covers light output, color stability, driver performance and paint finish to ensure your investment is protected.

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