EZPAN Edge-Lit LED Panels

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EZPAN Edge-Lit LED Panels


RAB Lighting Inc.

EZPAN Edge-Lit LED Panels

EZPAN is an affordable, ultra-low-profile LED panel with a sleek and minimal design that looks great no matter where it’s installed. EZPAN is ultra-efficient with an efficacy of up to 130 lm/W and reduces energy costs by up to 51%. Its low profile design and glare-free lighting makes the EZPAN an ideal solution for shallow plenum spaces and for applications in healthcare facilities, educational facilities and computer workspaces. EZPAN is available in two sizes and three wattages: 2x2 (30W and 40W) and 2x4 (40W and 50W) along with warm, warm neutral, neutral and cool color temperatures.



EZPAN has a height of just under 2-inches.

Its low-profile design gives you a solution for tight spaces with shallow plenums.

EZPAN features a diffused, white opalescent lens that delivers even glare free light.

This glare free fixture is ideal for healthcare facilities, educational facilities and computer workspaces.

EZPAN is designed with integral T-bar clips that secure the fixture to standard T-bar systems.

Secure installation is guaranteed with EZPAN’s compatibility with standard T-bar systems making it an ideal retrofit solution when replacing traditional fixtures. Its standard integral T-bar clips secure the fixture to T bars and prevent T-system separation.

EZPAN models are available with optional, emergency battery backup.

The battery backup option gives you a reliable solution for emergency lighting needs when power is lost.

EZPAN models are available with factory-installed Lightcloud™ lighting control system Controller.

This easy control solution gives you flexibility to illuminate zones in your facility only when needed; resulting in up to 68% savings on energy costs from lighting. To learn more about the benefits of Lightcloud™, visit Lightcloud.com.

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