8-Pin Mount Voltage Monitor 201A-AU Series

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8-Pin Mount Voltage Monitor 201A-AU Series


Littelfuse/POWR-GARD Products

8-Pin Mount Voltage Monitor 201A-AU Series

Many critical process and applications such as lift station, robotics equipment, and sawmill etc. get disrupted by motor breakdown due to insulation failure and over 55% of the insulation failures are caused by motor overheating. Littelfuse 201-AU series (8-pin socket mount) prevent any 190-600V motors from overheating by protecting them from adverse conditions such as low, high and unbalanced voltage, phase loss, and phase reversal. See ordering guide below to find the right model for your motor.



Proprietary microcontroller based circuitry

Constant monitoring of loss of any phase, low voltage, high voltage, voltage unbalance, phase reversal, rapid cycling, harmful power line conditions

Compact design for 8-pin; DIN rail or surface mount

Allows flexibility in panel installation

Auto-sensing wide voltage range

Automatically senses system voltage between 190 - 480VAC. Saves setup time.

Advanced LED diagnostics

Quick visual indicator for cause of trip.

Adjustable voltage unbalance trip setting

Allows compatibility with a variety of motors and reduces nuisance tripping.