LPS Series - Pre-Engineered Shunt Trip POWR-Switch

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LPS Series - Pre-Engineered Shunt Trip POWR-Switch


Littelfuse/POWR-GARD Products

LPS Series - Pre-Engineered Shunt Trip POWR-Switch

The Littelfuse POWR-Switch provides a simple and economical solution for elevator disconnect applications that require selective coordination and shunt trip capabilities. By utilizing Class J time delay fuses, the POWR-Switch is easily coordinated with other system overcurrent devices. The shunt trip capability allows the POWR-Switch to meet the ANSI/ASME standard that requires power to be automatically disconnected before water is turned on by the fire safety system. The POWR-Switch also features pre-wired control circuits that can help reduce installation costs.



Pre-wired control circuits

Lowers installation time

Pre-engineered single unit

Makes procurement easier than systems with multiple components

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