3M™ LED Advanced Light

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3M™ LED Advanced Light


3M Electrical Markets Div.

3M™ LED Advanced Light

Science and technology are drivers in developing highly-efficient products. The science behind the 3M LED Advanced Light was cultivated from 3M's multilayer optical film, adhesives and heat management technologies. These technologies paired with a strong focus on design, helped to inspire a powerful package. The result was a bulb that not only has a beautifully stylish design, but provides energy efficiency without the compromise.



Significant energy savings

Lamps require less energy to match the light output of conventional bulbs

Excellent thermal management

The A19 is ideal for use in enclosed luminaires. *Independently tested per Section 8.5 of UL 1993

Excellent light distribution

Light is evenly distributed across the entire lamp-- putting light where you need it

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