RAB Lighting, NDLED 7" New Construction LED

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RAB Lighting, NDLED 7" New Construction LED


RAB Lighting Inc.

NDLED 7" New Construction LED Downlight

Introducing RAB’s NDLED 7" new construction downlight for all of your commercial application needs for indoor and outdoor use. Precision optics deliver smooth, abundant light, ideal for high ceilings. NDLED7 is designed with a 7" aperture and a precision-engineered diffusion lens, delivering up to 3368 lumens with minimal glare and outstanding uniformity from mounting heights up to 20 feet.



Designed for easy installation

NDLED7 makes installation fast and easy with butterfly brackets that allow multiple support components (1 1/2" C-Channels, 1/2" x 1/8" steel bar, 1/2" EMT conduit, RAB nailer bars). They adjust up to 3 1/4" in height to accommodate various grid runners and other obstructions. Oversized jbox has five 7/8" knockouts and allows easy access to wiring. Plus, NDLED7 weighs less than most 7" downlights, making it easier to install and safer to walk under.

NDLED7 is a high output, low energy, new construction LED downlight and is available in two wattages.

The 30W model replaces 50W Metal Halide and 32W CFL. The 38W model replaces 70W MH and 42W CFL. The NDLED7 provides up to 58% in energy savings compared to traditional lighting fixtures.

Universal Dimming Driver

The NDLED7 universal driver is compatible with TRIAC, ELV and 0-10V dimmers, and dims down to an industry leading 5%. Refer to our dimmer compatibility guide to make sure dimming is smooth and stable.

UL Listed for wet locations under covered ceilings.

NDLED7 works great in building canopies and other outdoor applications.

Available with optional Lightcloud™ controller.

The NDLED7 is available with a factory-installed Lightcloud™ Controller for use with RAB’s Lightcloud lighting control system. Visit lightcloud.com for more information.

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