LED Downlights: RDLED™ and NDLED™

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LED Downlights: RDLED™ and NDLED™


RAB Lighting Inc.

LED Downlights: RDLED™ and NDLED™

Now available in 90+ CRI! RAB’s LED Downlights are not only a great design option but also boast industry leading performance, all at a reasonable price. These energy efficient, professional-grade LED downlights produce up to 2701 lumens with an efficacy of up to 103 lm/W. RAB’s remodeler, RDLED, and new construction, NDLED series of LED downlights are extremely low profile, needing just 3-3/4” (for 4”) and 4-15/16” (for 6”) of clearance above the ceiling. The 12W replaces 75 Watt R30, 20 and 26 Watt downlights replace 100W PAR lamps, saving up to $206 per fixture over 5 years. All that, plus an affordable price tag and rebates of up to $75 per fixture make LED a no-brainer.



RAB has applied nanotechnology to the optical system in their LED downlights to great effect. The result is smooth and pleasing light output without hotspots. RAB’s Absolute White™ delivers natural white light through a unique binning process designed to match incandescent light. It’s 3-step consistent, meaning that LED color variation between fixtures is imperceptible to the human eye. Available with Universal dimming driver that is compatible with TRIAC, ELV and 0-10V dimmers. The RDLED and NDLED downlights dim down to an industry leading 5% and we supply a simple dimming compatibility guide to make sure dimming is smooth and stable. Available in 4” or 6” aperture, with 50°, 80° beam spreads, or wall washer. Comes in round and square trim with many color options. The trim is available in white, black, silver; the cone is available in white, black, matte silver and specular. Also, an optional emergency backup battery is available.

These downlights are UL listed and are suitable for wet locations, making them an ideal option for showers, on porches and canopies. Butterfly brackets allow electricians a variety of ways to secure, including ¼” to ½” bar stock, nailer bars (included with rough-in), conduit, bar stock or optional C-Channels. Plus an EZ-Connector makes it easy to finish installation without any wiring. Just connect the EZ-connectors and you’re done. ALL RAB LED fixtures have a 100,000 hour lifespan based on IES LM-80 results and TM-21 calculations. At 100,000 hours, light output drops to 70% of initial output. But even at 70%, the LEDs are still going strong, with a difference that is only subtly discernable to the human eye.

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