Heat Shrink Thin-Wall Tubing

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Heat Shrink Thin-Wall Tubing


3M™ Heat Shrink Thin-Wall Tubing FP-301

3M offers a broad range of US made heat shrink tubing at competitive prices that allow you to address your heat shrink needs while still taking pride in buying American. 3MTM Heat Shrink Tubing is designed to insulate and protect in a wide variety of electrical and mechanical applications. Buying from 3M provides the quality assurance that comes with a 100+year old company synonymous with American innovation. Lightweight, tough and flexible. 3MTM Single Wall Tubing is the right choice for electrical insulation in many industrial and manufactured products. It’s also dependable as a lightweight wire harness, wire marking, wire bundling, component packaging and fire-resistant cover.



Electrical Insulation

FP301 tubing has an outstanding balance of electrical, physical and chemical properties for a wide variety of industrial applications. Rated for 135°C (275°F) continuous operation, all FP-301 tubing is split resistant, mechanically tough, and easily marked.

Various diameter & color choices

Available in a wide range of diameters (3/64' to 4') and colors (black, clear, blue, red, green, white, yellow) to meet your wire identification and insulation needs.


Available in convenient packaging options based on your application: Assorted color tubing Kits, Assorted color tubing bags, 4 foot pieces, small spools, and large spools.

Agency Certifications

FP301 tubing is UL Recognized and CSA Certified ( file E-39100).


3MTM Heat Shrink tubing is manufactured in an ISO 9001 3M manufacturing facility in Chelmsford, Massachusetts