Wet Location LED Vaportites- VBGL-1 and VWGL-1

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Wet Location LED Vaportites- VBGL-1 and VWGL-1


Hubbell Lighting

Wet Location LED Vaportites- VBGL-1 and VWGL-1

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting’s all new wet location LED vaportite luminaires are available in versatile mounting options, a rugged design with high energy-efficiency.



Compact size with 1/2” pendant threaded hub for ceiling and wall mount versions.

Versatile mounting options for many applications.

Rugged die-cast aluminum housing with textured gray powder paint.

Provides corrosion resistance and clean finish.

IP66, listed to UL1598 for use in wet locations.

Suitable for wet locations applications.

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