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3M Electrical Markets Div.

3M™ Performance Plus Wire Connectors

Because of their increased wire range, just three 3M Performance Plus Wire Connectors handle the work of eight standard connectors. There’s also less inventory to manage with a better chance you’ll have the connectors you need to do every job. The rounded wings make 3M wire connectors exceptionally easy to handle. The flexible skirt covers over-strips yet conforms to whatever space is available in a box.



Four connectors replace seven standard connectors

Saves time on the job and reduces inventory, offering a broad wire capacity and taking few sizes to get the job done.

Flexible skirt

Covers the overstripped wires, providing increased protection.

Spring design

Allows the connector to bite quickly, tighten smoothly and accept a large range of combinations with a reliable and secure connection, allowing fast installation and less wear and tear on your fingers.

Shell design

With smooth and rounded wings, provides a comfortable feel, making it easy to handle.

UL listed

For 600 volts on copper wire

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