AE/CE Series Industrial Control Transformers

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AE/CE Series Industrial Control Transformers


The Acme Electric AE and CE Series Industrial Control
Transformers are designed specifically for machine tool
control circuit applications. These transformers have
the ability to handle potentially damaging high in-rush
currents that occur when electromagnetic components are
energized, without sacrificing the required stable output
voltage. Designed to meet or exceed the demands of
international standards, combined with the full breadth
of product offering, the AE and CE Series Transformers from Acme Electric are the ideal solution for your industrial
control applications.

Cooler. Cleaner. More Compact.

The AE and CE Series design improves the dissipation of
the heat away from the core and coil assembly providing
cooler operation. In addition, the AE and CE Series industrial
control transformers seal the transformer’s windings and
internal terminations within an epoxy encapsulant encased
in a durable thermoplastic end cap, protecting them from
potentially damaging moisture, dirt and other ambient
contaminants. Furthermore, Acme’s compact design helps
minimize the mounting footprint, providing more flexibility
in applications where space is at a premium


1. Epoxy encapsulated design protects core & coil assembly from potentially damaging contaminants.

2. Integrally molded terminal blocks with isolation barriers to prevent arc over, terminal blocks allow full access for ring terminals for easy installation and solid termination.

3. Heavy gauge steel mounting feet.

4. Available factory or field installed fuse blocks provide integral fusing on the primary or primary and secondary.

5. Dual labeling for easy product identification when equipped with a fuse block.

6. 50-750 VA, 50/60 Hz.

7. UL and cUL Listed, CE Marked (CE Series only).

8. Ten-year limited warranty.

9. 55°C Temperature Rise.

10. 105°C Insulation Class.


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