Buying pre-assembled electrical equipment can save you time and money

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Time is money. Buying pre-assembled equipment can help you save both time and money. Check out the Hubbell Power Systems Type AR (Automation-ready) Switch. We have this switch in stock and can get it to you in no time!

Hubbell unitized Type AR switch is a distribution-level, loadbreak , gang-operated side-break switch designed to meet not only today’s needs but well into utilities’ future of distribution automation. Designed for nominal system voltages of 14.4kV and 25kV three- and four-wire systems and 34.5kV grounded-wye systems. The Type AR switch is available with a variety of options, and in ratings for present and planned requirements. To minimize field installation time, the Type AR switch is pre-assembled, adjusted and mounted on a crossarm . Installation time is even faster for a Type AR switch with the hook stick-operation option.

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