Fluke Insulated Hand Tools

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Why Fluke insulated hand tools

You currently stock fluke handheld test tools because your customers demand the best. And everything that you know about Fluke multimeters, clamp meters and electrical test tools applies to our insulated hand tools. 

Fluke insulated tools always feel right. From the moment you first put them in your hand, you're ready to go to work. The pliers offer a smooth, solid motion, without a need for break-in. The screwdrivers give you maximum torque and a comfortable grip that reduces fatigue. 

These rugged hand tools are built to last a lifetime. That's why they carry a lifetime warranty. 

Insulated tools are different because: 

  • They are designed to block potentially hazardous voltages from reaching the user. 
  • They are subjected to 10,000 volt dielectric strength test, to prove the protection works
  • They are labeled and rated to 1000 V ac, 1,500 V dc and certified by VDE, and independent third-party lab
  • They comply to international standards such as IEC 60900 and ASTMF1505.
  • They are critical part of NFPA 70E. which requires person protective equipment and insulated tools rated for electrical installation.