Where to find the best prices on electrical wire?

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electrical wire

Wildcat Electric Supply offers a full selection of electrical wire. Wildcat is fully stocked in Houston, Texas and San Marcos, Texas for your electrical wire needs. We ship globally and offer delivery/hotshot services to local clients. By partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry Wildcat Electrical Supply is able to provide the highest quality of Electrical wire in the industry. Our partners include Southwire, Aetna Wire, Advanced Digital Cable, Alcan Wire, Belden Wire and Cable, Dekoron, General Cable, Houston Wire and Cable, and more.

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Wiring Products:

Portable Cords & Cables
Armored Cable
Direct Burial
Misc. Wire & Cable
Non-metallic and UF
Pre-made Cord Sets
Service Drop Cable
Voice Data and Video Wire

Industries Served:

Traffic & Transportation
Commercial & Industrial Construction
Waste Water
And more…

Wire Sizes

Wiring projects demand different wire gauges for specific applications. Sizes that are common are fourteen, twelve. And ten. The size of the wire directly affects the amount of energy it can carry. We have a full selection of wire gauges to pick from.

Wire Acronyms

Thermoplastic Insulation: T

Heat resistance: H
High heat resistance: HH
Suitable for web locations: W
Nylon coating: N
Synthetic polymer: X

National Electrical Code or NFPA 70

The National Electrical Code or NFPA 70 is the standard for installation of electrical wiring for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. The NEC has been adopted in all 50 states. Wildcat Electrical Supply provides electrical wire that meets the highest standards in the industry.

Wiring Devices

Get the following wiring devices here! Boxes, Electrical Receptacles, Electrical Switches, GFCI, AFCI, Lighting Controls, Wiring Assemblies, Outdoor Power, Plugs & Connectors, Surge Protections, USB Receptacles, Wall Plates, Weatherproof, and more.

Wire Management

Get Cable Tray Ladders, Cable Tray Mesh, General Cord Management, Fasteners, Floor Boxes, Raceways, Branch Circuit Wiring, and more.