Square D 9007C54B2

Limit Switch, Hvy Duty, Rotary, Std Pre-Travel, CW/CCW Oper, 1NO-1NC, 10A, 600V

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This Square D 9007C54B2 full-size heavy-duty industrial limit switch with NEMA enclosure has a single-pole contact type and standard rotary head type. It has clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW) operation. This limit switch is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified, and European Conformity (CE) marked. It meets the Ingress Protection IP67 standard for protection against dust and water. Square D limit switches are manufactured by Schneider Electric.

Part Description:
Square D 9007C54B2
UPC:  78590150074
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Features / Benefits
Heavy Duty Industrial Limit Switches are Used in Material Handling, Mechanical Conveying, Automotive, Machine Tool, Packaging Applications
Epoxy Powder Coat Used for Additional Protective Treatment
Industrial Limit Switch Built for the Long Run, Ruggedness, Dependability, Versatility, and Performance
Our Proven Line of 9007C Limit Switches Can Withstand the Impact of Heavy Industry and Impact Your Success
Modular Design Offers Plug-In Body Styles, Switch Tops, and Wired Terminal Base for High Versatility and Ease of Use
Largest Diameter Shaft in the Industry Reduces the Chance of Damage
Fluorocarbon (Viton) Quadring Shaft Seal Ensures Positive Head and Shaft Sealing
90 Degree Travel Helps Prevent Shaft and Lever Arm Breakage
Wrap Around Lever Arm Clamp Prevents Slipping Due to Impact
Long Mechanical and Electrical Life Minimizes Downtime and Maximizes Machine Use
Accurate and Precise Repeatability Increases Customer Confidence and Satisfaction
  • Characteristics

    range of product
    series name
    Heavy duty
    product or component type
    Limit switch
    product specific application
    Standard box
    device short name
    body type
    head type
    Rotary head
    fixing mode
    By the body
    movement of operating head
    type of operator
    Zinc spring return without operating lever (-) 9007C lever
    switch actuation
    CW and CCWFrom left and right
    type of approach
    1 or 2 programmable direction lateral approach
    electrical connection
    (AWG 22...AWG 12) screw-clamp terminals, 1...2
    cable entry
    1 entry for 1/2" - 14 NPT conforming to ANSI B1.20.1
    number of poles
    contacts type and composition
    contact operation
    Snap action
    positive opening
    sale per indivisible quantity
    body material
    head material
    function available
    switch function
    contact form
    Form Z
    contacts material
    Silver contacts
    terminals description ISO n°1
    maximum actuation speed
    90 ft/min with 45° cam angle, levers only130 ft/min with 30° cam angle, levers only
    tripping angle
    10 °
    maximum displacement angle
    90 °
    repeat accuracy
    +/- 0.002 in linear travel of cam
    [Ie] rated operational current
    1.2 Aat 600 V AC, A600 conforming to NEMA0.1 Aat 600 V DC, Q600 conforming to NEMA
    [Ithe] conventional enclosed thermal current
    10 A
    [Ui] rated insulation voltage
    600 V degree of pollution 3 conforming to UL 508for contact block600 V degree of pollution 3 conforming to CSA C22.2 No 14for contact block
    [Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage
    2.5 kV ACfor 1 min conforming to CE2.2 kV ACfor 1 min conforming to UL2.64 kV ACfor 1 s conforming to CSA
    short-circuit protection
    10 A by CC fuse, protection type: non-time delay
    electrical durability
    1000000 cycles
    local signalling
    mechanical durability
    10000000 cycles
    1.55 in
    4.02 in
    2.5 in
    product weight
    1.25 lb(US)
    shock resistance
    60 gn (duration = 9 ms) conforming to IEC 60068-2-27
    vibration resistance
    25 gn (f = 10...150 Hz) conforming to IEC 60068-2-6
    NEMA degree of protection
    NEMA 2 conforming to Nema type 250NEMA 4 conforming to Nema type 250NEMA 6 conforming to Nema type 250NEMA 6P conforming to Nema type 250NEMA 12 conforming to Nema type 250NEMA 13 conforming to Nema type 250NEMA 1 conforming to Nema type 250
    IP degree of protection
    IP67 conforming to IEC 60529
    electrical shock protection class
    Class 0 conforming to IEC 61140
    ambient air temperature for operation
    -20...185 °Ffor standard environment
    ambient air temperature for storage
    -20...185 °F
    environmental characteristic
    Standard environment
    protective treatment
    Epoxy powder coat
    21499 - 9007 C LIMIT SWITCHES
    Discount Schedule
    Nbr. of units in pkg.
    Package weight(Lbs)
    Country of origin
    Warranty period
    18 months

  • F.A.Q.
Customer wants to know what material a 9007C54B2 is made of?
9007C54B2 , 9007 type C limit switches , 9007 limit switches , limit switches , limit switch material, 9007 material Sensors - ...

What is the total travel for a 9007C lever arm type limit switches?
total travel 9007C54B2 C 54 A 2 lever arm type B A T10 T5 N C heads Sensors - ...

What is a 9007ASL1
This is the 9007C54B2 Limit switch in a clear blister pack package which includes a 9007 MA11 lever arm

Can a 9007AW12 limit switch operate both in a CW and CCW directions ?
If a switch is required to operate in both directions , consider a 9007C54B2

Customer has 9007C limit switch like the 9007C54B2 in an application where moisture builds up inside the switch body. The switch becomes inoperative.
... the Form Y193 which provides a 10K ohm, 2 watt resistor inside a 9007 C 62 B 2 body that produces enough ...

What is the number for the gasket that goes between the body and the front of 9007C54B2 limit switch?
9007 co 54 ct 54 c 54 a 2 c 54 b 2 c 54 n 2 c 54 c c 54 f c 54 g c 54 gd c 54 h c 54 d c 54 e c 54 ed c 54 r c 54 jkc c 54 j c 54 k c 54 kc c 54 l 6508709001 replacement ...

What is the Y247 on a 9007C54B2Y247 Limit Switch?

... 306in.) diameter, to accommodate lever arms from the obsolete Denison C limit switches .

9007C54B2 - Does this include a lever arm?
Lever arm included 9007 type C limit switch levers options Sensors - Float Limit Pressure

9007C54B2 - Is this a NEMA 3R device?
None of our products are NEMA 3R: XCKJ and XCKL are NEMA 3 only. CTA-ID : 12055

9007C54B2 Customer is asking if this device is oil tight.
Yes. It is rated NEMA 13 which protects against spraying of non-corrosive oils.. CTA-ID : 11935

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