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Schneider Electric is the global leader in sustainable energy management and industrial automation.

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Schneider Electric SE is a France-based company that specializes in electricity distribution, automation management and produces installation components for energy management. The Company has five divisions organized by business: Energy and Infrastructure, which includes medium and low voltage, installation systems and control, renewable energies and includes customer segments in Utilities, Marine, residential and oil & gas sector; Industry, which includes automation & control which includes water treatment and mining, minerals & metals industries; Buildings, which includes building automation and security, whose customers are hotels, hospitals, office and retail buildings; Data canters and networks, and Residential which is engaged in solutions for saving electricity bills by combining lighting and heating control features. It operates through Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd and Asco Power Technologies.

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The roots of this company are in the iron, steel, and armaments factories of Schneider-Creusot and other industrial concerns. In 2014 Schneider Electric advertised a cooperation with German power supplier RWE.[8] From its 19th century beginnings in steel through its 20th and 21st-century moves in electricity and energy management, Schneider Electric has grown into a global leader in energy management and automation through ongoing innovation and acquisition.

1836-1980: A Family Business Becomes a Major Player

1836: Brothers Adolphe and Joseph-Eugene Schneider take over an abandoned foundry in Le Creusot, France and, two years later, create Schneider & Cie, focusing primarily on the steel industry. Schneider & Cie grows rapidly, specializing in the production of heavy machinery and transportation equipment, and eventually becomes the Schneider Group, a diversified conglomerate.

1975: The Schneider Group acquires an interest in Merlin Gerin, one of the top manufacturers of electrical distribution equipment in France.

1981-2001: The Schneider Group Re-focuses on the Electricity Sector

1981-1997: Schneider Group re-focuses on the electrical industry by divesting its nonstrategic assets and undertakes a series of strategic acquisitions: Télémécanique in 1988, Square D in 1991 and Merlin Gerin in 1992.

1999: Schneider Group acquires Lexel, one of Europe's largest suppliers of installation systems and control solutions. In May 1999, the Schneider Group is renamed Schneider Electric to clearly identify its expertise in, and focus on, the electrical field.

Since 2002: A Strategic Transformation

At the turn of the 2000s, Schneider Electric adopts a three-pronged strategy to drive growth, diversify risk and promote longevity:

Ensure a more balanced exposure to its strategic end markets;
Enhance its legacy portfolio (electricity distribution, automation, and industrial control) with adjacent and synergistic businesses; and
Anticipate the future energy requirements of companies and individuals.
This strategy led Schneider Electric to conduct a number of strategic acquisitions both in mature countries and in new economies, targeting companies offering complementary products and solutions.