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QUAZITE® (Hubbell Lenoir City, Inc.) manufacturers a broad range of products that utilities, telecommunications, transportation, C&I, water and CATV customers depend on to provide safe, durable and cost effective housing for the equipment on their systems. The Quality Assurance staff at each QUAZITE® manufacturing facility assures product consistency and conformance to customer specifications. The test labs and manufacturing processes at all QUAZITE® facilities are accepted by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL).

Wildcat Electric carries a broad range of Quazite products. Click here to request a quote or ask about Quazite  solutions or call 713-676-0600.

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What is Polymer Concrete?
Polymer concrete is made from selectively-graded aggregates in combination with a polymer resin system. When combined through a process of mixing, molding and curing, an extremely powerful cross-linked bond is formed. Precast polymer concrete is reinforced with fiberglass for exceptional strength and rigidity.

Choose Polymer Concrete
Lightweight - 1/10 to 1/3 the weight of concrete
High Strength - compressive, flexural and tensile strengths three to five times higher than traditional concrete
Reduced Installation Costs - easy to handle, no special equipment required
Stable Under Freeze/Thaw Conditions
Impact Resistant - tested per ASTM D-2444
Low Water Absorption - less than 1% per ASTM D-570
Corrosion Resistant - resistant to alkalines, acids, weathering and other forms of deterioration
Cost Effective - outperforms conventional materials for longer service and lower life cycle costs
Nonflammable - will not support combustion
Nonconductive - no grounding required for the box or cover
QUAZITE® enclosures are embedded in concrete highway median barriers.

Design Possibilities
Precast polymer concrete offers a variety of design possibilities.

Development of New Parts - Years of experience enable QUAZITE® engineers to produce custom designed parts to your specifications.
Size - Monolithic enclosures are being made up to 4' x 8' x 4'. Pads for cabinets or equipment enclosures are currently being made as small as 25" x 38" and as large as 93" x 93" and even larger when bolted together. If other sizes are required, contact our Lenoir City Division Customer Service Department by phone at 800-346-3062 or send an EMAIL.
Composite Design - An experienced staff is available to assist in the development of specifications and design of products.
Custom Accessories - Many options are available for QUAZITE® products, including racking and struts, knockouts, holes, logos, terminators, gaskets, pulling eyes, and numerous other options. Please see Hardware Options for a complete listing of options.