Pelco Traffic Supplier/Distributor In Houston, Texas

Pelco Products began with one goal in mind: manufacture better than anyone else

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Pelco Products, Inc. is a centrally located, Oklahoma-based, family owned business. Pelco's growth in manufacturing has expanded over the years. Pelco specialize in designing, engineering, manufacturing and distributing the finest products. Pelco manufactures traffic signal hardware, utility products, and decorative outdoor lighting. Although we are a manufacturer, Pelco's people have made us who we are today. We are dedicated to the responsible growth and manufacturing great traffic and utility products. We were founded in 1985. The Pelco family has grown to five separate entities that incorporate Pelco Industries, Inc. The Pelco family of companies has grown from 5 employees to more than 300 dedicated team members. We have two main campuses- one in Edmond, Oklahoma and one in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our goal has always been to create a superior, quality and innovative product for a fair price, keeping service as the top priority.Pelco Products continues to incorporate strong values into every aspect of our business. From the employees we hire to the products we make, we take pride in the service and care we give to each customer. The size of the order doesn't matter- customer satisfaction and quality are key. From creation to production, we ensure our products are of the highest quality and made from materials that will stand the test of time.

Wildcat Electric carries a broad range of Pelco products.  Click here to request a quote or ask about Pelco solutions  or call 713-676-0600.

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