Variable Speed Drives The Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial stakeholders can achieve lower total cost of ownership, greater efficiency, and improved energy management

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The industry of tomorrow will be different. More volatile markets, new technology capabilities, and increased pressure on performance will precipitate the change. But with change comes opportunity…the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has unleashed huge potential for industrial customers. There is a reported $14 trillion of new business growth up for grabs – and your goal of better business performance can help you earn your fair share of that growth. How can you make the most of this potential? As IIoT begins to evolve, the following characteristics are emerging:

Drive systems offer you a wide range of fully tested and ready-to-connect drive solutions. Starting from compact, pre-engineered systems up to custom-engineered complex solutions. These solutions are developed to the highest quality level; manufactured according to your needs and are tested at full-load operating conditions.

Customer story

First Quantum Minerals Mine, FinlandAn Altivar Process variable speed drive is tested for an underground fan application (dust ventilation) 1400m below ground for effects from exposure to vibration and dust after a controlled explosion.