EcoStruxure Machine Advisor

Digital service platform for machine builders

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EcoStruxureTM Machine Advisor is a digital, cloud-based services platform for remote accessing operating machines. It enables machine builders to provide new services to machine operators for each installed machine in any production site worldwide. The machine builder can now support the machine operator by creating the optimum framework conditions for perfect and reliable machine operation. Machine Advisor offers functionality for:

• Localizing and tracking machines, assigning data for documentation/ machine history and to logging operational data
• Monitoring machine performance with individual dashboards
• Troubleshooting and fixing the machines with cloud-based software tools Main benefits
• One platform for machine builders to manage all machine data during its entire life cycle
• Provide new services to machine operators at any location
• Operational data for evolution of machines
• Worldwide availability of cloud-based software tools

What can I manage and monitor?
• Manage your machines’ fleet & time-based maintenance
• Manage unlimited number of users and groups
• Register machines installed at your customer • Store and find all your machines’ data in one place
• Monitor your machine’s’ performance
• Create your own dashboards to visualize your machine data

How do I join Machine Advisor?
• Order your internet router to connect the machine to the web
• Send your machine data into the cloud
• Get started with EcoStruxure Machine Advisor for free 
• Monitor your machine data in EcoStruxure Machine Advisor