$850,000 Saved By Going To LED Lighting, Maryland Park

LED streetlights, saving the city thousands of dollars in energy costs

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Via The Washington Post, Takoma Park’s nighttime streets could soon be lit with hundreds of LED streetlights, saving the city thousands of dollars in energy costs. Right now, Takoma Park’s leafy streets are illuminated by a motley assortment of lights — mostly high-pressure sodium, with their familiar orange hue, but also mercury vapor lights and traditional incandescents. Mayor Kate Stewart said the city has been looking into converting all of the streetlights to light-emitting diodes, which use less energy and last longer than the city’s current system, since 2015.

The city stands to save nearly $100,000 in energy costs per year after switching to LEDs, said Jerry Pasternak, vice president of governmental and external affairs for Pepco, the utility that owns and operates the streetlights in the city, which is in Montgomery County on the border with the District.

The lure of vast energy savings and a reduction in the carbon footprint have led municipalities here and across the country to switch to LEDs. Montgomery plans to replace 25,000 roadway lights with the technology and anticipates saving $850,000 in energy costs a year. The District is in the midst of replacing its more than 75,000 streetlights with LEDs as well.